District 10 News

3/1/12 - VP 110 is the spec gas for the WKA series. You may buy it at any shop that sells it. The spec oil is 927..6-8 oz per gallon.

3/5/12 - KPV 1 & 2 new style clutch with 3 hole drum, welded end caps (exhaust) ...both mandatory.

3/8/12 -
There is a typo mistake in the rule book. Tag Jr.Jr Tag- Book says 6.0 rears . That is wrong!! Tag jr. runs the larger rear tires. 7.10  Rule will be changed to the 7.10 rear tires.

3/10/12 - Two sets of Bridgestone race tires to be raffled at every WKA District 10 Super Series Race!

4/17/12 - Spec PRD rules
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